• Episode #1 Frank Nguyen - Academic Coffee
    Frank Nguyen is the owner of Academic Coffee, which has become a community favorite over the last few years. Recently, Frank demonstrated innovation, foresight, and care for his employees, as he adjusted his menu during the beginning days of the Shelter-in-Place order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Episode #2 Dalia Rawson
    Dalia Rawson, Director of the New Ballet, leads San Jose's school of classical ballet but credits her online gaming experience for their ability to transition to online classes during the shelter-in-place order. If the combination of ballet and gaming appears to be an odd pairing, what about Ballet and Aliens?
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  • Episode #3 Sean Boyles
    Sean Boyles Co-Owner of The Arsenal Art Store Sean Boyles is an artist, teacher, and co-owner of the Arsenal ArtStore in Japantown, with his wife, Roan Victor. We talk about this life as an artist, shelter-in-place, and the expansion plans for The Arsenal Art Store.
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  • Episode #4 Kerry Adams Hapner, Director of the San Jose Office of Cultural Affair
    Kerry Adams Hapner has been the director of the Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of San Jose for the last 12 years. She oversees the department and staff that helps shape the City’s artistic and cultural vibrancy, resources, and vision.
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  • Episode #5 Isaiah Wilson - The Come Up
    Isaiah Wilson is one of the Cofounders of the Come Up, a collective that showcases local musicians and artists. In our conversation, Isaiah talks about his transition in the way he approaches producing shows and gathering.
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  • Episode #6 Massimo Chisessi - San Jose Jazz
    Massimo Chisessi is the marketing director for San Jose Jazz (SJZ). In our conversation, Massimo tells about his experience in the arts, and with arts organizations. He explains the transitions the SJZ has taken to help musicians during the shelter in place order. As well as his sharing about his personal experience of the passing of his father during this COVID19 atmosphere.
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  • Episode #7 Avni Levy - Avni Creates
    Avni Levy is a contributing Content photographer and, like most of our contributors, has a growing creative content business of her own. In our conversation, Avni shared here daily routine, a few helpful practices for creatives, and three great books, including "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod.
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  • Episode #8 Genevieve Hastings
    Genevieve Hastings is an installation artist and the director of the Art Ark Gallery in San Jose. In this episode, Genevieve shares how her curiosity has led her from studying linguistic and anthropology, to travel, and to directing a local gallery. 
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  • #9 Jimmy Fonseca - Downtown Screen Printers
    Jimmy Fonseca is an artist, muralist, and cofounder of Downtown Screen Printers. Join our conversation with Jimmy, who shares how being a resident artist at Local Color organically leads to form Downtown Screen Printers with Aliks Hernandez.
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  • Episode #10 Kristen Pfund - Content Magazine
    Kristen Pfund has been part of the Content team since 2014, first as a volunteer, and then brought on staff to help oversee the production of our events and assist with our partner relationships. 
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  • Episode #11 Brad Sanzenbacher - Writer and Folk Musician
    Though Brad's day job as a public relations profession for WRIKE involves a lot of writing, he has found that "creativity isn't a finite resource." As he seeks to be inspired in what he does for work, he discovers inspiration in his creative writing and songwriting, and vice-versa.
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  • Episode #12 Esther Young - Songwriter
    In addition to being a contributing writer and editor with Content Magazine since 2018, Esther Young's main creative outline is songwriting. Though, she might not tell you that she can be found at local open mic shows and slowing releasing her songs on Spotify.
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  • Episode #13 Ralph Buenconsejo - Graphic Designer and Animator
    Ralph Buenconsejo recently launched out on his own as a freelance designer after working several years with the Baunfire Agency.
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  • Episode #14 Joe Hyrkin - CEO issuu
    oe Hyrkin has been the CEO of Issuu, a digital publishing platform, for the last seven and a half years, the longest he has been with any company in his career. Having worked in business development and sales for companies like Yahoo! and Flickr, Joe has spent most of his career working in the intersection of content and technology.
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  • Episode #15 Grace Talice Lee - Writer
    Grace Talice is a writer and contributor writer and editor with Content Magazine.
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  • Episode #16 Juan Carlos Araujo - Empire Seven Studios
    Co-Founder of Empire Seven Studios (E7S) and POW! WOW! San Jose, along with his partner Jennifer Ahn, Curator and Gallery Manager. ES7 was established in 2008 as an urban contemporary art gallery located in Japantown San Jose at Empire St. and 7th St.
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  • Episode #17 Michelle Runde
    In addition to contributing to Content Magazine, Michelle works as a Policy Counselor for one of the large Silicon Valley Social Media companies. In our conversation, Michelle reveals her love for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and cast her vote for Star Trek over Star War.
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