#32 – Demone Carter – Rapper, Creative Catalyst, and Nonprofit Professional

Demone Carter’s original plan was to be a “famous” rapper but found himself in the arts nonprofit world after starting after school youth hip-hop dance program. He continues to Rap and make music, but that transition led his path to become an influential voice in the South Bay creative scene. From overseeing MALI and the School of Arts and Culture programs to co-hosting a Rap culture podcast with Needle to the Groove team members, Dave Ma and Nate Leblanc, which has recently been pick-up by Stony Island Podcast Network.

In 2021, Demone will serve as a Creative License Ambassador for the City of San Jose.

In our conversation, Demone, p.k.a., DEM ONE, we talk about his involvement in the arts, his podcasts “Dad Bod Rap Pod,” and some of his experiences as a color person in San Jose.

Follow Demone on his Instagram @lifeafterhiphop

Listen to his podcast Dad Bod Rap Pod https://dadbodrappod.com/

Featured in Issue 9.4 “Profiles” http://bit.ly/DemoneCarter95

Written by David Perez @dperezer https://www.instagram.com/dperezer/

Photography by Daniel Garcia @thecultivator https://www.instagram.com/thecultivator/

Music for this episode is “Lighters”-Da Hermit feat DEM ONE and Bambu

Listen to the complete track at http://bit.ly/LightersTrack