Jimmy Fonseca is an artist, muralist, and cofounder of Downtown Screen Printers.
Join our conversation with Jimmy, who shares how being a resident artist at Local Color organically leads to form Downtown Screen Printers with Aliks Hernandez.
Jimmy, also openly shares the concerns he felt at the beginning of the shelter-in-place order. And how now, though still concerned, is trying to focus on creating a new body of personal work.

Follow Jimmy at:@jimmypaints (https://www.instagram.com/jimmypaints/)
And at: @Downtownscreenprinters (https://www.instagram.com/downtownscreenprinters/)

Read more about Jimmy in issue 9.5 “Profiles'” 
Written by Tad Malone 
Photography by Daniel Garcia

Episode Music is  “Muddy Water” by Socorra on her 2020 EP Coming Home Soon