Doug Hughmanick is the founder and creative director of ANML Design that has work with clients like: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Roads & Kingdoms, JennAir, Yummly, and Whirlpool.

In our conversation, Doug talks about ANML’s style of work, what he looks for in a team member as well as the potential adjustment he sees for ANML in the remote-work atmosphere.

On working with clients:
 “What are the attributes that we’re trying to hit on? How do we want it to feel? What are the emotions we want to have surfaced when you look at this work? You get some key attributes, keywords, and principles. And then look at that and go, okay is this hitting those, and if it’s not, then something’s not right. So you have to take a step back.” – Doug Hughmanick

On finding inspiration for creativity: 
“If you’re doing web work and all you’re looking at is web work it’s hard to be innovative. If you’re following best practices and doing the stuff you see everywhere, you can find inspiration for digital through a piece of print” – Doug Hughmanick

Instagram: anml

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