McEwan-Upright has a bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of California Santa Barbara and a master’s degree in art history from the San Jose State University, an education that fostered her love of research facilitates her quest for a variety of female voices.
In 2019, McEwan-Upright took over a 1,200-square-foot storefront in downtown Gilroy to act as the home base for her feminist-minded art gallery. McEwan-Upright’s Gallery 1202 opened its doors that October, and by the end of November 2019, it was hosting its first group exhibition, Show Me Your Neon: A Feminist Dialogue.

“I definitely have a mission for the gallery. I want to elevate the artists in Gilroy, but also elevate these marginalized voices that haven’t been able to be represented because of either sex, race, or materials. That’s my big thing—do that while exposing people in Gilroy to more artists.” – Emily McEwan-Upright

In our conversation, Emily shares her mission for Gallery 1202 and her large aspirations to provide the South Valley arts community affordable creative spaces to pursue their dreams through the recently formed non-profit 6th Street Studios and Art Center.

Find out more about Gallery 1202

Gallery 1202
7363 Monterey Street
Gilroy, Ca 95020
Instagram: gallery1202

And, follow the progress of new Artist Community space, The 6th Street Studios and Arts Center  at

Instagram: 6thstreetartstudios_95020

Full interview with Emily appeared in Issue 12.4 “Profiles” 




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