Karen Gutfreund is a curator focusing on feminist and social justice themed art and is also a practicing artist. She has been a contributor to Content Magazine with her piece on “Art as Slow Change” (http://bit.ly/artslowchange104). Karen’s current work is a catalog featuring 147 artists with over 350 works titled, “Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump” as is a visual protest of the Trump administration.


In our conversation, Karen discusses her journey as an arts to curator and activist. As well as the process and reasons for collecting the works displayed in “Not Normal.”


Follow Karen: https://instagram.com/karengutfreundart http://karengutfreund.com Order  “Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump” at https://bit.ly/NotNormalArt Preview catalog video overview at https://youtu.be/NNGLYbKr6_4

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