My-Linh Le now describes herself as a Multidisciplinary Storyteller as she has moved from being an environmental lawyer to freestyle dancer, choreographer, and director of a forthcoming film, Mudwater. The film is an adaptation of the turf dance project she started and developed known as Mud Water Theatre.

In our conversation, we discuss how My-Linh’s artist’s expression and leanings have moved her through several phases in her life. From secretly learning how to “pop” and joining San Jose-based world-renown dance crew Playboyz, Inc (Est. 1981) to directing. And, still, My-Linh’s own story is being written has she finds herself writing, with the theme of “myth” shaping her storytelling, which she does not limit to mere words.

My-Linh will be performing with Playboyz, Inc. Oct 2, 2021, at the Mosaic Festival “A Space for Belonging” at the School of Arts and Culture (

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