Episode #102 Connie Martinez, C.E.O. of SVCreates

It is a bittersweet moment for SVCreates as we celebrate the legacy and retirement of our fearless leader, Connie Martinez.

Connie Martinez has courageously led SVCreates for the ten years since its formation when 1stACT San Jose & Arts Council Silicon Valley merged.

Before then, she had held several leadership positions in various industries. While her introduction and education in business came out of necessity in providing for her children as a young single mother, her development as a leader has been an intentional process of learning and letting go.

Connie believes excellent leadership comes from providing the right people with a framework and resources for success. As CEO of SVCreates, she has provided resources and direction to countless arts organizations, working as a culture capitalist, investing in the potential of a multicultural Silicon Valley that can work harmoniously with big tech.

As Connie moves on from SVCreates to spend more time with friends and family, we honor her legacy and impact on Silicon Valley’s creative culture. In our conversation, Connie shares the experiences that led her to SVCreates, her thoughts on leadership, advice for budding entrepreneurs and cultural influencers, the fundamental intentions she lives by, and even touches on the foundation and business of arts and culture in Silicon Valley.

Connie Martinez has been named the recipient of this year’s Cornerstone of the Arts Award.

The award will be presented at the Cornerstone of the Arts Award event at the Hammer Theatre Center on October 19, 2023, at 6 p.m.

Connie was previously featured in episode #64 of the Content Magazine Podcast discussing The Business of Arts and Culture. And, featured in issue 5.3 in 2013.