#51 Eric Bui- Multimedia Artist 
Look through Eric Bui’s social media feed and you will notice that he enjoys drawing with ink and pen as well as digital tools like Procreate.
Recently, Eric found himself in the local spotlight because of a piece he submitted to a group exhibit curated by the City of San Jose called “Holding the Moment,” a series of works by 77 artists displayed at the San Jose International Airport. One of his selected pieces, “AMERICANA,” received complaints, prompting the City to rotate the show earlier than scheduled.
In our discussion, Eric shares his creative path, the intentions behind the piece, and the encouragement and support he received from the San Jose creative community following the illustration’s removal.

Instagram: @lolwtferic (https://instagram.com/lolwtferic)

This episode’s music in “Tang” by Chris Emond. 
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Featured in issue 13.2 “Sight and Sound” 2021 https://www.content-magazine.com/issue/issue-13-2/