#43 Sinjin Jones – Transmedia artist and Artistic Director at Pear Theatre

Sinjin Jones is a multimedia jack of all trades. He loves experimenting with and practicing directing, choreography, creative writing, slam poetry, painting, lighting design, and sound design (to name a few). His passion for the arts led him to found the Otherworld Collective in Colorado as a way to experiment with storytelling through different media, and to serve as Artistic Director and Board Vice President of A Theatre Group in Silverton, Colorado.

In 2019, Sinjin moved from Colorado to the Bay Area and is currently rounding up his first year as the Artistic Director at Pear Theatre in Mountain View, California. Sinjin has been able to use his skills in multiple medias to innovate creative solutions to keep Pear Theatre running during the global pandemic.

In this conversation, Sinjin shares with us how humans have always told stories from the beginning of time, how connection is made through storytelling, and how storytelling is the cornerstone of humanity.

Music for this episode is “Alone Time” by Mild Monk
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