Episode #73 More Más Marami Arts – Cofounders Marissa Martinez and Matt Casey

In this episode, we speak with Marissa Martinez and Matt Casey, cofounders of More Más Marami Arts. Marissa is a playwright and a creative writer, and Matt is a theatre producer and organizer.

More Más Marami Arts formed in 2019 as a collective of artists united by our faith in the power of theatre to bring people together. Their program produces innovative productions, script readings, open mics, educational workshops, and opportunities for and with underserved communities of San Jose and the South Bay Area.
In our conversation, we hear about Marissa’s and Matt’s journeys in the theatrical arts and the purpose and mission of More Más Marami Arts.

Please find out more about More Más Marami Arts on their website moremasmarami.org

Read more about Marissa’s journey in issue 12.1, “Device.”

This episode’s music is “408” by Jack Pavlina. Read more about Jack in Issue 14.1 Winter 2021 
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