#49 Halfdan Hussey – CEO and Co-Founder of Cinequest and Creatics

Halfdan (hallf’ dun) Hussey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cinequest Inc. and Creatics Enterprises Inc. Launched in 1990, Cinequest fuses innovations with creativity to empower youth, artists, audiences, and innovators globally. His passion for creating positive and transformative impact in our world is ever-present in his work. Having produced five films, written two books, and successfully built companies, Halfdan demonstrates his love for the worlds of leadership and creativity, and youth empowerment.

A year ago, 48 hours before the opening night of the 30th Cinequest celebration, COVID hit.
Cinequest was one of the first California institutions to make the tough choices to postpone the festival after six days of safe in-person events.

Fortunately, Cinequest leadership was already working on a digital media platform called, Creatics that they could alter to include online screenings in the summer of 2020, which has been a great test run for this year’s Cinequest Online Festival coming March 20-30th.

In our conversation, Halfdan talks about the changes they have had to make to their programming and how those adjustments will roll out to this year’s festival.
Follow Cinequest and register for this year’s festival at cinequest.org and their new platform Creatics.org.

Cinequest Virtual, entitled Cinejoy featuring the Artists & Movies of Cinequest, will occur March 20-30, and tickets will go on sale in early March. You will find your logins, profile, browsing, and shopping experience easy and fun! You will discover a lineup of live events, community interactions, and movies that fulfill the Cinequest legacy: vanguard, stellar, and inspiring.

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