Chad Johnston, CEO of CreaTV San Jose, sees immense opportunity and a chance to reshape what we’ve come to know as Public Access TV, and transform it into a powerful public tool for local storytelling and media activism.

“Teaching people to tell their story can change their position,” says Johnston. “It empowers you in a way where you say ‘My voice does matter. I’m as important as Wolf Blitzer!’ When that happens to someone, that’s the transformation that I think is relevant and important to doing community work.”

In our conversation with Chad, we discuss the programs and value of Public Access TV to the community, the opportunities that CreaTV provides, and the new media center that will launch later this year.

Chad also shares his life insights that have been inspired by the Horace Mann quote,  “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

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Written by:  Kevin Marks  | Photography by: Daniel Garcia

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