#29 – Usha Srinivasan, Founder, and President of Sangam Arts Usha started reconnecting with native forms of art from her home country, which led her into the local arts and culture scene. Soon she noticed that there were many diverse subgroups of people engaging in the arts from their country of origin but not being exposed to other traditions that are happening here in Silicon Valley. Thus, she launched Sangam Arts (Sangam actually means ‘coming together’ in Sanskrit) in 2013 to help connect our region’s diverse art experiences. In our conversation, Usha explains her transition from engineer to the arts, and her passion for having Sangam Arts promote multicultural understanding through performing arts. 

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Instagram: @SangamArts and @mosaicsilliconvalley (https://instagram.com/mosaicsiliconvalley)

Music for this track is a piece is called “Strings and Bow” Composed by Arjun Verma (Commissioned by Sangam Arts as part of our Mosaic Silicon Valley initiative), Performed by Arjun Verma (Sitar)| Shenshen Zhang (Pipa) | Robert Howard (Cello) | Sudhakar Vaidyanathan (Tabla)

Read original article with Usha in issue 10.4 “Profiles” (http://bit.ly/Usha204)

Written by Tad Malone (https://www.instagram.com/tee_emart/)

Photography by Daniel Garcia (https://www.instagram.com/thecultivator)