Episode #56- Chris Jalufka – Writer and Founder of Evil Tender

Chris Jalufka is a Bay Area-based artist and writer focused on the world of design, illustration, and limited edition posters. His articles have appeared in Content Magazine, HOW Magazine, Print Magazine, Juxtapoz, and various sites and his venture, Evil Tender.

He started Evil Tender, an online arts magazine, to focus on the working artists, to help promote their work. After explored screening writing, sound engining, and marketing, he finally found his niche.

In our conversation, Chris discussed the meaning behind the name “Evil Tender” and his commercial and fine art realms journey.

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This episode’s music in “Tang” by Chris Emond.
Follow Chris on Spotify, http://bit.ly/ChrisEmond Featured in issue 13.2 “Sight and Sound” 2021 https://www.content-magazine.com/issue/issue-13-2/