Haley Cardamon first connected with the South Bay art scene in her teens when her family moved to Cannery Park in San José Japantown. Local purveyors such as Shorty Fatz Bicycles and Breezy Excursion exposed Haley to the vein of creativity that runs through San José. While taking courses at De Anza College, she found ways to combine class assignments with her interest in art. Those projects inspired her to start a magazine that could serve as a platform for underground art in the Bay Area. The publication was called B.A.C.K. (Bay Area Creative Klub). The connections Haley made through local art and curating the magazine led her to Local Color, a woman-powered arts nonprofit with a mission to build equitable opportunities for San José artists. Beginning as a volunteer, Haley would later earn a position on Local Color’s staff that deepened her connection with the community. Energized by the impact of San José’s creative culture, Haley launched an event named after the city. Initially called ‘408 day’, now called ‘San José Day,’ the event fosters community by curating an authentic representation of San José’s creative culture.

In our conversation, Haley shares her experiences curating B.A.C.K. magazine, connecting with the arts community, and finding her own path in the art world, her city, and her life.Make sure to come out on 4-08-2023 for San José Day, hosted by the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza from 12-6 pm.

San José Day 

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Haley was featured in issue 10.2. 


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