#52 – Peter Hsieh – Writer for the stage and screen

San Jose writer and director Peter Hsieh premieres his first feature film at Cinequest.

Shot at Redwall Studios, Miniboss, and around Downtown San Jose.

Drive All Night is a stylized neo-noir thriller that follows a taxi driver through the night as his mysterious passenger leads him to surreal excursions.
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Peter Hsieh is a writer and director from San Jose, California, who has written over 30 staged-plays. His full-length play Tangerina was a finalist for the 2015 Orange County New Play Festival, and the short play A Room with Modern Furniture won 3rd place at Playwrights CageMatch 2013 at Douglas Morrisson Theater. His feature film, Drive All Night, which he wrote and directed, is premiering at Cinequest Film & Creativity 2021 online festival and was shot in San Jose. 

In addition to the film, Peter, executive producer Sam Chou, and producer Jonathan Quesenberry developed a mobile app game to gives you trans-media experience. (Available in App Store)

In our conversation, we talk about writing, producing, and directing his screenplay. The lessons he has learned from making Drive All Night and insights into writing and the film industry.
Find out more about Peter on his website peterhsiehwriter.com   and on his Instagram @peterh.exe
And, watch Drive All Night, March 20 – 30 at creatics.org 
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