• Miguel Kultura
    Juan Miguel Saucedo’s work as Miguel Kultura may have been birthed out of a time of crisis, but he’s since used his creative message to inspire cultural pride and compassion...
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  • Ato Walker -Making Truth Funny
    If you want to visit a real-life Moe’s Tavern, visit the Caravan Lounge, San Jose’s grand dive bar. You won’t see Homer Simpson or Barney, but Jägermeister is on tap and on Wednesday nights you’ll meet Ato Walker, who hosts its weekly comedy show.
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  • Rachel Spung and the Soul Service
    Hailing from Monterey and San Jose, Rachel and the Soul Service deliver sparkling musical freshness—a groovy yet unprocessed blend of soul and R&B. The group’s tight chemistry is the clearest quality of their performance, resulting in a unity of sounds that comes across as fun, entertaining, and constantly innovating.
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  • Guerilla Wanderers
    Some storytellers steadfastly hold that plot should sweep a narrative’s characters along on a journey. Others adamantly advocate that characters’ reactions to their surroundings and circumstances should drive the plot. It’s a heated debate among fiction aficionados. Sean McCarthy, founder of video production company Guerilla Wanderers, seasoned director, writer, producer, visual effects supervisor, and actor, lands in the character-driven camp.
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  • Knowmadic
    Knowmadic is a rare example of the San Jose artist who has found legitimate financial success through music. “The first real royalties check that I got that let me know I could quit my shitty day job and do what I love for a living.” He also pointed out that he found his unique sound four or five years into his career, and that is where he marks the beginning of both his artistic and monetary success.
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  • Joe Kaplow
    Joe Kaplow Keeps the Folk Tradition Alive in Santa Cruz County...
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  • Natasha Sandworms
    Local indie rocker Natasha Sandworms is learning to write from a place of happiness.
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  • DJ ThatGirl
    With years on the scene and a wealth of connections, DJ ThatGirl is now harnessing her network to empower female DJs through recently launched DIME Talent Group.
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  • Crooner Thiccricc
    Crooner Thiccricc offers honest music from his bedroom to yours.
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  • Kerriann Otaño
    The Life of a Modern-Day Opera Singer
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  • Mild Monk -Transcend Time and Genre
    Henry Stein, a.k.a. Mild Monk, can cover a lot of ground. Lately, he enthuses about Japanese city pop, works of Haruki Murakami, Ella Fitzgerald, Tennis (the band), Studio Ghibli movies, and the composition of skate videos. “I want to be like a YouTube suggestion box,” Stein jokes. He wears his eclectic tastes on his sleeve, and all his projects seem methodically arranged and curated—from his album art to the videos he edits for his songs.
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  • Kia Fay
    As a stylist and vocalist, Kia Fay utilizes her disparate creative outlets for the same unified purpose: helping others celebrate their authentic selves...
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  • TCS Spotlight: B. Lewis
    Raised in San Jose’s Evergreen neighborhood, Lewis attended Expression College in Emeryville, where he studied audio engineering. His remixes have flipped songs by artists as disparate as jazz pianist Robert Glasper and Bay Area rapper K. Flay, and he’s collaborated with a number of producers who have been key players in electronic music’s new vanguard, including Sweater Beats, KRNE, and Sango, a heavyweight in the buzzing crew Soulection.
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  • Dj John Beaver
    John Beaver has three passions: animals, music, and life itself. As a zookeeper at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, Beaver educates the community about…
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  • The Mark Arroyo Trio
    In 2012 the group began to explore their sound, performing extended re-interpretations of hip, melodically rich tunes like James Blake’s “The Wilhelm Scream” or Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” Now their shows involve the three diving into the great creative unknown: completely improvising every number they play. The approach isn’t without precedent—jazz pianist Keith Jarrett has made a career of touring concert halls to improvise an entire evening of music—but it is unique to the San Jose scene.
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  • Ren Geisick
    Ren Geisick isn’t a typical jazz singer. Equally influenced by Bob Dylan and Nina Simone, her music flows seamlessly, from the soulful delivery of…
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    Two movie buffs turned their love of short films into the internationally known San Jose Short Film Festival. We want our films to speak…
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  • Hurricane Roses
    Written by Jon Havens Jon Havens plays guitar and occasionally sings for Hurricane Roses. We asked the former Content Magazine contributor to give us…
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