#48 Marianne McGrath – Independant Art Curator and Consultant- MKM Art Consulting

Marianne K. McGrath is a Los Gatos, California, local who used her background in art and art history to build her own business, MKM Art Consulting, LLC., to practice curating, art consulting, and art education. Marianne holds a BA in art and 3-D design, as well as an MA in art history from San Jose State University. Her passion for art led her to a career focused on sharing art with the community, especially seen through her work with the New Museum Los Gatos (formerly The Museums of Los Gatos). Art exhibits and projects hosted by MKM Art Consulting include “To Hear and Be Heard” and “31 Women.”

In our conversation, Marianne explains how her life path led her to be an art exhibit curator which she see as vitaul role in helping advance artists’ careers.
“I think art is a reflection of the community. Art gives us an opportunity to know each other better, and to understand ourselves, to make us think and ask questions, help us change, and foster empathy.”

Find out more about Marianne’s work at: mkmARTconsulting.com

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