#31 – Trami Cron – Chopsticks Alley

Trami Nguyen Cron, the founder of Chopsticks Alley Art, and author of her 2016 debut novel, VietnamEazy: A Novel About Mothers, Daughters, and Food. Having lived in cultural crossroads for most of her life Trami founder Chopsticks Ally Arts in 2018 to bring their people’s artwork outside of their community into the mainstream so that “our narrative, our voices, our version of things is being seen.”

In our conversation, Trami talks about the journey to publish her book and founding Chopsticks Alley.

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Written by Esther Young @eestarrious (https://instagram.com/eestarrious)

Photography by Peter Salcido @peter_salcido (https://instagram.com/peter_salcido)

Music for this episode is “Alone Time” by Mild Monk

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