#46 Ato Walker – Humorist, host, and emcee

He calls himself “Mr. Walker.” He started out hosting comedy nights at San Jose’s Britannia Arms and now performs at the Ice House, San Jose Improv, Laughs Unlimited, Rooster T. Feathers, and the Caravan Lounge. He’s also emcee’ed Music in the Park and San Jose Jazz Festival stages.

In our conversation, Ato tells us about how he got into comedy, his first performance, and the role comedy plays in society, especially as a Black man in the US.

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Read more about him in our 2016 interview in issue 8.3 “Show.” 

Written by Diane Solomon 
Photography by Daniel Garcia 

Music for this episode is “Time Alone” by Mild Monk
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IG: @MildMonkMusic
Spotify: Mild Monk 
Read interview with Mild Monk in issue 12.0 


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