Juan Carlos Araujo – Director, Art Consultant, Painter.

Co-Founder of Empire Seven Studios (E7S) and POW! WOW! San Jose, along with his partner Jennifer Ahn, Curator and Gallery Manager. ES7 was established in 2008 as an urban contemporary art gallery located in Japantown San Jose at Empire St. and 7th St.

As often seen in Silicon Valley, their industrial gallery space that had became a hub for the South Bay Local Art Scene was razed for a new housing development. Fortunately, they were already expanding and transitioning to curate public art/mural projects and networking with POW! WOW! to launch POW! WOW! San Jose in 2017.

In our conversation, Juan Carlos discusses his journey as an artist, gallery owner, artist-curator, and what the future holds for him, Jennifer, and E7S.

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Check out the video from our original interview with Juan Carlos in 2012.