#44 Dana Harris Seeger and Yori Seeger – Artists and School of Visual Philosophy Cofounders

Both accomplished artists, Dana’s practices include painting, printmaking, and interactive installation, while Yori can be classified as a sculptor working with blacksmithing, bladesmithing, metal casting, and 3D printing — it would be a disservice to limited either of them to one genre.

Their passion for art and community lead them to launch the School of Visual Philosophy in 2013. Their vision was to provide a place for artists to learn, create, and develop a new pedagogy for creative craftsmanship and art.

Despite many changes, from expanding their family to changing locations, the Seegers have continued to apply the innovative skills to establish the School of Visual Philosophy as a landmark arts space in the South Bay.

In our conversation, we discuss their vision, transitions, and the new opportunities they’ve developed during COVID-19, which includes a new interactive “Online Atelier” featuring in-depth art courses in a range of techniques and subjects.

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