Episode #25 Needle to the Groove (NTTG)  – Michael Boado & David Ma

Michael is one of the co-founders of the Needle to the Groove (NTTG) record store in San José and also know as DJ Basura. David Ma is part of the NTTG label, and is an accomplished writer, contributor, and curator to Content Magazine’s Album Pick series. Check out latest selection at https://bit.ly/AlbumPicks123

The Needle to the Groove record store has significantly impacted the South Bay music scene since opening in July 2014. As a hub for vinyl and music enthusiasts, the talented and knowledgeable team, including Dan Bernal, Allen Johnson, and Michael Boado, didn’t take long before deciding to launch their own label, which they did with the help of David Ma and Jeff Brummett.

In our conversation, Michael and David discuss how they met, the South Bay’s music scene, and the unique style that the NTTG label brings to the community.

This episode’s music is an exclusive track called “The Streets” from Needle to the Groove label’s most recent album release By Every Means Necessary produced by Prince Paul djprincepaul  (https://www.instagram.com/djprincepaul/) and Don Newkirk donnewkirk (https://www.instagram.com/donnewkirk), and the score to the Netflix film “Who Killed Malcolm X.”

Social Media: Store – Needletothegrooverecords  (https://www.instagram.com/needletothegrooverecords)

Label –  Needletothegroove_ent (https://www.instagram.com/needletothegroove_ent)

Bandcamp: https://needletothegroove.bandcamp.com/

Recorded July 7, 2020.

NTTG Origins story with Allen Johnson: https://issuu.com/content-magazine/docs/dine65_digital_full/28

Interview with DJ Basura: http://bit.ly/DJBarsua114

Interview David Ma: https://bit.ly/DavidMa84