#96 – Jonathan Gomez, Cofounder of Asiel Design and the Midtown Immersive Night Parties

Owners of Asiel Design, Jonathan Gomez and Linnae Asiel, have gone through many iterative seasons over the past two decades. Founded in 2003 as a floral design business, the company developed to include event design with intricately themed experiences. Their recent endeavor to renovate the James Grain Warehouse in Midtown San Jose, originally home to a mid-century grain wholesaler, provides a vessel for uplifting, connecting, and serving the community.

Initially used to store their antique event rentals, Jonathan and Linnae converted the warehouse into an event space during Covid lockdowns. Jonathan shares, “If we were going to have a warehouse just storing stuff and not serving the community, we would not be around forever. But if we could transition into a place that brought artists together and created a place for connection, I believed we could be a service to the city and the community.” That vision of serving others and fostering connection is tied deeply to the faith and spirituality that guides Asiel Design. Jonathan describes that guidance as a ‘heavenly blueprint’ that allows the business to stay nimble and ultimately leads to their upcoming event series, Midtown Immersive, from April 28th through June 16th on eight consecutive Fridays from 5-9 pm at the James Grain Warehouse.

In our conversation, Jonathan details the evolution of Asiel Design, the importance of spirituality and faith in his work, the rippling effects of Covid 19, and an invitation to Midtown Immersive.Visit James Grain Warehouse any Friday from April 28th to June 16th and experience Midtown Immersive. The series will celebrate the historic location, close the street to cars, and feature artists, vendors, food, drinks, and music.


The James Grain Warehouse for their MIDTOWN IMMERSIVE ART PARTY happening for eight consecutive weeks.

The event series brings the community together to eat, drink, dance, shop & hang out with local artists.San Jose’s art scene will be on full display.

Brought to you by the James Grain Warehouse Event Productions.


San Jose Made

Moveable Feast

Black & Brown Vintage Clothing

Gypsy Soul

Location: 245 McEvoy St. SJ CA 95126

Time: 5-9

Dates: April 28th – June 16th every FRIDAY

Pets: Welcome

Smoking: Yes

Family Friendly


James Grain Warehouse & Asiel Design

IG: thejamesgrainwarehouse | asieldesign



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