Ren Geisick isn’t a typical jazz or country singer. As a matter of fact, she categorizes herself as an Americana singer-songwriter. Growing up with country and jazz icons playing through the stereo in her San Jose home, she is equally influenced by Bob Dylan and Nina Simone; she flows seamlessly, from the soulful delivery of a jazz ballad to the carefree lilt of an American folk song. Ren is a solo artist and co-leads new funk and soul band The Anachronistics with William Bohrer.

In our conversation, we explore Ren’s musical influences, her growth as a sing-songwriter,  and what led her to write her first political-themed piece, “Enemy of the People.” Which she and produced with William Bohrer and The Anachronistics, which will be release Oct 23rd, as she says, “Just in time for the elections. Make it your voting anthem.”

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