• Sight and Sound 13.2

    As we finalize our annual “Sight and Sound” issue, featuring the South Bay’s visual and audio artists, I am watching the inauguration of our 46th president, cautiously hopeful for a new tone in our national dialogue. I also can’t help but reflect as we look to spring, when this issue arrives in your mailbox, that a year has passed under a cloud of COVID-19. These factors give me an unresolved range of feelings—relieved after four years of holding my breath politically and fatigued by the shelter-at-home, Zoom culture. Yet, I am reminded that the strength of all society and culture is in its people. Those who dream, create, and act. Obviously, that is why I lead a publication focused on profiling our community creatives, because they are life and hope. I have no idea what the state of the Union and the world will be when you read this, but I hope that the people you met in this issue provided you with sights and sounds that strengthen you, encourage you, and find you in a “space” of openness and health.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Garcia


  • Issue 13.2 “Sight and Sound – our annual issue specifically focused on the audio and visual arts of the South Bay. Issue featuring: Artist: Mesengr Video Production and Studio Rental: Stage One Creative Photographer: Allan Barnes Band: Chilindrina Artist: Sammy Koh, colorstory sammy Music Producer: Controller 7 Cultural Art Project: Hidden Histories Japantown Artist: House of Boys Design Artist: Laurel Picklum Musician: Malcom Musician and Label: Chris Emond of Orange Label Comedians: Ruben Escabedo and Bio, “Pick you Poison Comedy Show” SouthBay Designer: Artin Album Pick 13.2: Curated Music from Needle to the Groove

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