• Celebrate 9.0 Digital

    Five years! We did it. Though it has been a lot of hard work, it has also been very rewarding to shine a spotlight on the community I grew up in and the people I love. There’s been many along the way who have helped make this crazy dream a reality. I am deeply grateful for all the great friends and contributors. Photographers, graphic designers, writers, editors, advisors, all the subscribers, and gracious partners and faithful advertisers. I do want to call out just a few who contributed particularly to the birth of Content: Sarah Hale, Stacy Ernst, Mary Matlack, Flora Moreno de Thompson, Mark Haney, Khiem Hoang, Jeff Gardner, Daniel Milano, and Sarah Garcia. These folks gave so much in the early days that this fifth year would not be possible without them. Thank you all for your help.

    And now, for the next 5+ years, the current team is just as dedicated and desirous as I am to continue to provide the South Bay with stylized representations of our culture. These folks, listed above, also deserve recognition and thanks for their contributions. Lastly, our 2015 merger with SVCreates has truly positioned us for growth and stainability in the future. It is with joy that I look back at where we’ve been and with great excitement that I look forward to where we’re going: we have much to celebrate!

    Daniel Garcia 
    The Cultivator

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