Jon Havens plays guitar and occasionally sings for Hurricane Roses. 
We asked the former Content Magazine contributor to give us a look into the making of their new album.  

Help. Why is this word so difficult to say? Is it our society that tells us that we must do it alone? Or is there an innate feeling inside each of us that shrugs off this need to seek assistance? Whatever the reason, the word “help” often remains foreign to us. Perhaps it is a pride in us that wants to tread this path alone. And yet some of the greatest art ever produced has come about because someone decided that it is best to have more than two pairs of hands and eyes to create. Whether it is a book editor, a film team, or the opening of a new store, like-minded folks can produce great things. In Hurricane Roses, we saw this come to fruition in a tremendous way.

Our band formed out of the dreams and journals of our singer, Angi Lemucchi. For years, she had quietly crafted episodes of her life into songs. These songs were intimate and personal, offering the listener a glimpse into her life. Taking these songs anywhere else but her own bedroom would be to draw upon courage that she knew was deep inside her. But in order to give them the life that they needed she could not do it alone.

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