“When they say, ‘It sounds like you have a lot on your plate,’ I like to say I have a big appetite.”

Bobbi Vie can’t sit still. Since high school, he has been a dedicated breakdancer with a restlessly creative mind. Vie developed his craft slowly and secretly throughout his high school years, but his passion took center stage when he began teaching weekly dance sessions at Evergreen Community Center. A tight-knit group emerged from Vie’s weekly sessions, but it faced the threat of crumbling under the community center’s financial pressure. To keep the program alive, Vie initiated a series of dance competitions. The events generated huge turnouts and helped to inspire FAME (Fashion Art Music Exhibition) to showcase the events’ clothing vendors. Today, Vie’s enthusiasm for outreach manifests itself in FutureArtsNow!, an after-school arts program for at-risk kids. SVCREATES recently granted the program $10,000, which Vie plans on using to implement a year-round cycle of activities for creative empowerment.

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Full article originally appeared in Issue 7.3 Style.