B are bulb string lights hung above as Sound Wave did their “thang” on stage. A wave of people flooded the third floor of Urban Blanco. At the same time, smiling individuals sipped on Prosecco and nodded their heads to the music’s beat at last Thursday’s Content Magazine release party for issue 14.1 – the 57th issue to conclude the 9th year of print. As is anticipated and expected, the night contained exclusive local performers and artists displaying their work from right here in our community. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking more about the South Bay fashion scene. We are a melting pot of cultures, and with that comes worldwide influences. At the Dec. 9th Content Magazine Pick-Up Party, I walked around and talked to individuals whose outfits stood out to me. I met terrific creative people with a variety of fashion styles. Although everyone expressed their unique selves, I noticed a few patterns. 

Many were on long jackets with some type of pattern. These long patterned jackets seemed like the signature look of the night. Julia, Tina, Nguyen, and Kathleen were all wearing beautifully patterned duster jackets. Two of them were wearing I.B. Bayo’s designs. While Kathleen got hers from Penelope Boutique at Santana Row. 

There were a lot of MFA uniform styles at the party as well. Mike wore a yellow button-up plaid shirt with blue jeans and brown leather shoes. A signature look of the South Bay. As well as a lot of streetwear/hypebeast attire. Thobeka, Erik and Vivian, Erik Burke (with the beanie), and Stikmon are all sporting the streetwear styles of San Jose. 

Towards the end of the party, I spotted Almanac Goods and Apparel. A streetwear company based here in San Jose. Ac, the shop owner, was there along with Cam, who did modeling for Almanac and wore their Cork Almanac Hoodie. 

Age had a lot to do with people’s outfit choices as well. The younger crowd wore more denim and vintage clothing. The older group wore more designer and artsy wear. This is an interesting difference because it demonstrates how and why the South Bay fashion style forms and changes. 

When someone in our community reinvents a garment, they contribute to South Bay fashion. When someone styles garments with intention and narrative, that also contributes to South Bay fashion. The things we wear and how we wear them are direct lines to who we are individually and who we are to the community and this land. 

If you attended this event, what fashion styles did you notice? What do you think you would have worn if you couldn’t make the event? 

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Peter Salcido

Peter is a Silicon Valley native who influences the space around him through his expression of style and ambiance. He is a fashion editorial photographer, blogger, and content creator.  Peter wili be contirbuting to the Content Blog about fashion trends and fad in the South Bay.