hine Slender’s dedication to bringing the fashion scene to the South Bay is a journey sure to inspire. Sitting in the crowd of his fashion show ECO Freak last Friday, I was in the splash zone. Fashionable outfits were scattered around the room and the energy was elevated by musical performances from Gatsby, Tb Payback, LuvC4, JOY., KBtheJuug, and DJ Oculus as we waiting for the show to begin. As the first round of designs walked to the front of the room heads turned and cameras flashed. Throughout the show, five designers showcased their unique style and concepts: Dani’s Display, Vile.Honey, There’s Nothing Bolder, Walkway, and Vole Couture. This was a night of streetwear mania.

“Know that the clothes you wear are important. They define who you are, and they tell a story. Clothes are like a time capsule—each piece has a memory associated with it.” -Chine Slender

There’s Nothing Bolder:

There’s Nothing Bolder was the first to enter the runway, and their composite designs of plaid and denim wowed the crowd. This lifestyle brand truly lives up to its name. They have a sustainable model of creating new pieces from older ones, and I’m here for it.

Dani’s Display:

Bringing a whole new version of sportswear, Dani’s Display played ball. Dipping in and out of sports team drip and handmade garments, they gave us just the right amount of grunge and sexy. Their women’s designs showcased miniskirts and front-lace tops, while their men’s garments included sleeveless shirts paired with denim jeans. This made for a dynamic contrast between their different looks. 


Vile.Honey gave gender the finger with their androgynous designs and deeply stylized garments. Telling visual stories of polarity and contrast, their geometric designs created a degree of visual calmness, which was quickly spiced up with their bold accessories and make-up.

Vole Couture:

Vole Couture gave us everything we could wish for. Their designs had an electric energy that was matched on the catwalk. Their unique silhouettes and shapes were captivating and visually stimulating. 


Walkway’s designs embodied splashes of cyberpunk, Valentino, and Balenciaga. Their designs inspired, and their creativity poured onto the crowd. One of their looks incorporated a VR headset, prompting us to create a personalized world by compositing elements from different places into an entirely new one.


Overall, this show was divine, and it represented everything San Jose has been waiting for. Creatives of the South Bay are vital to expanding the culture, making way for the future, and paving a path to greatness. The ECO Freak fashion show is iconic—a one-of-a-kind experience bringing people together from a place of passion, expression, and vulnerability. This supernova of imagination is making history in the South Bay and kickstarting a movement that defines and showcases the impact style has on a community. 

If you couldn’t make it out to see the show, I invite you to look at what’s here and think about how your style shares a piece of who you are. How does it affect you and others around you? In my post about the 8th Lake fashion show, I wrote about why fashion is important. I hope you will use this post to consider finding and sharing your own fashion voice and to generate more conversation among your community. Each designer who showcased their work is contributing to what South Bay style looks like, and so can you, by exploring your unique individual taste for style. 

With his show ECO Freak, Chine has done it again, filling our glasses with water from the fountain of youth. Full video of the event coming soon. 

Chine Slender @chineslender @_malvce

Designers: @danidisplay | @theresnothingbolder | @walkway.u | @vile.honey | @lil_vvs

Performers: @joydawnhackett | @kbthejuug | @jaayy_gatsby | @tb.playback | @luvc4

DJ Oculus: @_quezadabryan 

MUA: @ladybarrymua