West Valley Fashion Design and Apparel Technology

The Fashion Design and Apparel Technology (FDAT) program at West Valley College was established in 1985 by a group of industry professionals for the students who wish to gain knowledge and experience in the field of fashion. At the end of each year, we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating students with a fashion show that represents their individual collection.

The students showcase their own point of view through the garments they design and execute. The 2021 graduating students faced the challenges of Covid-19 that disrupted their learning when school shut down and the majority of classes moved online. They lost access to technology and equipment usually available to them and the collaborative learning environment was severely restricted.

Teachers and students had to adapt to extreme changes and rethink their learning strategies. Despite personal, emotional, psychological, and physical challenges, these students stayed focused, kept learning, and built their skills. This year’s Virtual Fashion Show on June 4th is the reaffirmation of their passion, dedication, and pure commitment to achieving the dream they choose to follow.

Wing Hung Flora | Flora’s passion for haute couture developed organically in the bustling shopping hub of Hong Kong after moving there in her twenties from Hunan, China. Flora not only enjoyed what the metropolis had to offer but also parlayed all she observed and learned and, with partners, opened a women’s clothing stores in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Since relocating to California, Flora has turned her interests to merchandising and hopes to either start a business of her own or work for a local fashion brand. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, events such as Fashion Week, traveling, painting and sketching. Instagram: floralo_fashion


Bonnang Kim | Bonnang has been interested in designing and making, especially something 3-dimensional. Ever since she learned how to make patterns and to sew garments in her early teens, she has always been with her sewing machines. During her 20 years as an interior, furniture, and architecture designer, she was particularly interested in the relationship between space and the human body and liked to play with architectonics and materials. As she continues her design path in fashion, she is looking at the human body even closer. Her tectonic design approach focuses on how the volume is constructed to be fit to the body. She also constantly tries to push the limits of her imagination by creating experimental silhouettes with asymmetrical balance.Instagram: bonnang.kim


Crystal Hua | Crystal always wanted to be a fashion designer ever since she was little. Her first handmade piece she made was a cosplay from Sailor Moon and she dreamed of making more clothes that give comfort and confidence like how she felt when she wore her cosplay. Her inspiration comes from vintage garments from the 1940’s to 1960’s with a romantic and modern finish. She pursues to make pieces that are not only sustainable but also adjustable with delicate embroideries and intricate designs to make each piece wearable for any occasion.Instagram: by__chua


Maria Iordache | Maria learned sewing and knitting from her grandmothers. She loves math, particularly 3D geometry and graphics, and studied bridge design, got a PhD in computational mechanics and an MBA. In parallel with her professional career, she continued learning about design and patternmaking, and became particularly interested in fitting. She is intrigued that simulation and modeling technologies that existed for years in mechanical and aerospace engineering are hardly used in the apparel industry. She is on a mission to do just that and to create high quality, perfectly fitted, beautiful clothes for professional women.Instagram: mariamiordache



Monique Perez | Monique has found a new passion for repurposing tired unwanted clothes. She wants to bring an innovative reimagining of apparel to the world. Her designs plan to spark interest and creativity with her audience. She recognizes the need for sustainability within the fashion industry while also identifying the prioritization of quality garments. Her vision showcases the potential clothing has to transform personal style and believes less is more with intentions to create capsule based designs. Monique is passionate about nurturing creativity and finding ways to express herself while inspiring those around her. Instagram: mo_creativ


Nazrin Zamini | Nasrin grew up in Iran, with her talented parents who made everything from home. She was influenced by her mother creating garments by knitting and sewing for the family. She started college in interior design. However, passing by the fashion lab, she was so mesmerized by the students working on draping fabrics on the body forms, she decided to continue in fashion. In this school she learned about sustainable environmentally friendly lifestyles. She likes to focus on bridge design and create high quality, custom-sized garments for professional women. She also has a dream to bring vintage fashion back. Instagram:Nzamini1


Sirisha Gudimetla | Sirisha’s interest in embroidery and fashion started at a very young age, her true inspiration being her mom. She grew up seeing her mom create beautiful outfits using a simple sewing machine, needle and thread. She started doing hand embroidery on her clothes during her teen years. That is when her interest and passion for fashion began to blossom. Now, she wants to open a workshop, which mainly focuses on creating simple custom designer wear clothing with unique hand embroidery. She believes in using good quality and long-lasting fabric, while keeping sustainably in mind. Her goal is to use leftover fabric scraps wisely while designing and to bring awareness to people about environmentally conscious fashion. Instagram: sirishag


Rebecca Martinez | Rebecca is an ambitious upcoming designer. Coming from a humble background, she is driven to be successful. She believes it is in the fashion industry where she can achieve her dream. While a late bloomer in regard to the intricacies of the fashion world, she is of a mind in creating a versatile range of garments that are more suitable to the average sized woman of today. She believes in designing color neutral garments that are appealing to everyone. One day, she would like to be a costume designer for actors in the theatre arts.