What do you do? (As far the person call gin themself and artist, painter, illustrious)

I recently graduated from high school and am a visual artist.

How did you get started in drawing and painting? I think I got into drawing when I started to make a lot of fan art relating to the video game Pokémon. I also have taken various art classes since I was young, as well as drawing, digital art, and painting classes in high school.

Who has inspired, influence you. In your art?  I am most inspired by video games I play, cartoons, flowers, plants, water, and other colorful and beautiful things I see.

What is the subject matter that you focus on, and why? Most of my artwork is focused on detailed patterns and nature, such as flowers and plants. I really love flowers, and I like to use bright colors in my artwork, which appeal to me and like the way it looks.  

What do you prefer to work with paint, oil, pen…etc.? I mainly use pencils and markers on paper but have used acrylic paint and digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Procreate on an iPad.

What do you see yourself doing next? I plan on taking classes at Foothill college in the fall, and the rest of the summer, will continue drawing artwork on an electric guitar for my mom’s friend.  

Which piece are you most proud of? A piece I am really proud of is an acrylic painting I did of orange flowers, where I used a photo and grid to create. I am really proud of this painting because of how much time I spent on it and how it turned out. Another one I am proud of is a drawing of my aunt’s dog next to her koi pond. I only used two colored pens to make it, blue and orange, and I am happy with how it turned out.

Now that you graduated high school, what are your future plans, personal, educationally, and with your art? I plan to take art and other classes at my local community college. I’m not exactly sure what I want to study in college, but maybe earn an AA degree and/or transfer to an art school or four-year school. In the future, I hope to do something related to art and also hope to continue to create more colorful art!



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