El Prado Fashion Showcase Evaro Italia

Tasteful and elegant, this show was a jewel. Flashes of Tuscany inspiration seeps between the seams. Fashionable details. People swarming their seats eager to see Evaro Italia Design director Eva Rorandelli’s latest designs, presenting ten looks of her latest collection set up in a European style showcase. Casual catwalks are separated by two looks at a time. High Society is the name of the show, which took place at the El Prado Hotel in downtown Palo Alto. This exquisite place was drenched in chic furniture and a polished aesthetic. During cocktail hour, the sound of clinks filled the balcony, accompanied by smiles with friendly conversation. Flashes from cameras and jewelry sparkled in the room. 

“Ohs” and “ahs” gracefully crescendoed as Sarah and Vanessa from Scout Model agency in San Francisco walked Eva’s Designs. Evaro’s fashion showcase represented an appreciation for European beauty, architecture, and art. “Today, we feel close to Europe,” says Eva. Catherine Liang, Miss San Francisco 2022, was the hostess for the afternoon and added that she loves, “that each dress is custom-made, making you feel like it’s made just for you. Making it really special.” Her congenial presentation engaged the attendees as she introduced each new look while the models walked. 

Dress 1: Anna Sequin Dress

Structured shoulders and a sensual, open back perfect for a holiday party or a red carpet event. 




Dress 2: Lola Faux Leather Dress

Classic and eclectic take of “The Little Black Dress” with a bit of elevated edge meant to make an impression. Elegance, sophistication, and a statement.. 



Spring summer evening looks. The flavor of the Evaro Italia world where they make mostly couture gowns and have recently been experimenting with day wear and other types of garments. 

Dress 3: Isabella Lace Gown

Scalloped open back and iridescent crystal collar. Hand-sewn, refined Italian lace. 




Dress 4: Gina Silk Gown

Inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany and the geometric architecture of its cathedrals. Juxtaposed textures with soft and hard lines with rhinestones to give a glamorous silhouette. 



Dress 5: Acqua Denim Top and Capri Pants

A day look from the resort collection perfect for your next vacation. Featuring pearl-embellishments. Inspired by the sea and riviera of Italy. The sand, the water, the beach, and used materials that remind you of that. Bicolor of beige and gray Denim. It’s all about pearls and is the main focus of this season’s collection. 



Dress 6: Perla Cocktail Dress

Hundreds of pearls and rhinestones sewn into the fabric with sheer mesh back. More elegant and perfect for a night out. Or a romantic stroll with the dress dazzling under the moonlight. 



Dress 7: Foresta Lace Gown

Dreamy gown with delicate hand-beaded rhinestones onto the lace of the corset and skirt. Inspired by the natural elements of Italy’s countryside and seaside. 




Dress 8: Foresta Multicolor Sequin Dress

Shimmering sequin and lace dress that is form-fitting. Red carpet piece. 




Dress 9: Toscanella Gown

Created for the Toscanella by Evaro Eau de Parfum advertisement film. Hand sewn. Just like how flowers grow, each with a unique and one-of-a-kind fit. With fantasy and divine feel to it. Accompanied by a headpiece and shoes that surely complete the look. 




Dress 10: Open Back Lace Bridal Gown

Elegant yet simple with a backless silhouette meant to stop others in their tracks while illuminating the room.





The showcase was dazzling. The twists and turns of the models made Eva’s garments flow so nicely – allowing you to envision them on and where you would wear them. Bags and jewelry were available at the show as well. Eva had two pearl necklaces called the Day Pearl Necklace with lapis and baroque pearls and the Night Pearl Necklace with onyx and Akoya pearls. All of which were made by hand by her artisans in Florence. Eva’s couture clothing collections designed to be one-of-a-kind are great heritage pieces, as Catherine mentions at the show’s end. They contributed to the uniqueness and timeless aesthetic of Evaro, which wowed the crowd as the show ended with a roaring round of applause.  



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Acqua Dolce by Evaro from Evaro Italia on Vimeo.