• Sight and Sound 16.2
    A few of the audio and vision creatives of the South Bay. VINYL SOLD OUTOnly available at Needle To the Grove(While supplies last)424 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113 As I write this, it is still winter—even raining at our headquarters in Downtown San Jose—and it is hard to wrap my head around […]
  • Discover 16.1
    Content Magazine issue 16.1, Discover Winter 2023 FEATURING:EPA Center, Nadine Rambeau | Tai Zhan Bakery, Wendy Chan | Gallerist, Pamela Walsh | Artist, Ignacio “Nacho” Moya | Musician and Painter, Ben Henderson | Artist, Miguel Machuca | Arts Los Altos, Maddy McBirney & Karen Zucker | Clothing Brand: Exhilo, Curtis Ying | Ensamble Folclórico Colibrí, Arturo Magaña | DJs, Soulmat3s | Musician, Will Sprott
  • Profiles 15.4
    Featuring: Tattoo Artist - Abraham Ortega | San Jose Storyboard - Bertrand Patron Paule | Nonprofit organization - B.L.A.C.K. Outreach San Jose | Poet - Elodia Esperanza Benitez | Painter - James Mertke | Filmmaker - May Yam | Developer - Michael Messinger | Multidisciplinary Artist - Pantea Karimi | Muralist - Paul Gonzalez | San Jose Museum of Art Curators - Senior Curator: Lauren Schell Dickens, Assistant Curator: Juan Omar Rodriguez, Curatorial and Programs associate: Nidhi Gandhi | Artist & Illustrator - Suhita Shirodkar | Together We Create | Elba Raquel, Mesngr, Wisper, Roberto Romo | Meraki by Yaya Fashion Design - Yaya Bautista | Data Artist & Professor -Yoon Chung Han | Poet & Storyteller - Yosimar Reyes | DJ - Weezmatic, Aaron Aquino
  • Perform 15.3
    This annual “Perform” issue allows us to move beyond our beloved visual arts to the performing arts, with profiles of dancer Alyssa Aguilar and founder and artistic director of Simorgh Dance Collective, Farima Berenji. Also, as a football (soccer) fan, I am happy to highlight a creative player of the beautiful game, seventeen-year-old rising San Jose Earthquake, Niko Tsakiris. Whether we are aspiring actors, painters, dancers, or footballers, we all perform creative activities that express who we are.
  • Sight and Sound 15.2
    In our 61st issue we look the South Bays Audio and Visual Creatives. Celebrating 11 years sharing the stories of Silicon Valley's creatives,
  • Discover 15.1
    This diversity in our region makes me celebrate and enjoy living here. You may not be a fan of every genre, but the commitment and passion for each individual’s craft are inspirational and admirable.
  • Profiles 14.4
    This diversity in our region makes me celebrate and enjoy living here. You may not be a fan of every genre, but the commitment and passion for each individual’s craft are inspirational and admirable.
  • Perform 14.3
    There are many aspects that I enjoy about doing Content Magazine—meeting new artists, working with talented creatives to produce the stories, and helping bring visibility and voice to the South Bay’s artists. This issue continues in that tradition (I think I can call our production a “tradition” after a decade!). In the last several years, Content and SVCreates have awarded grants to regional artists who have applied to a juried selection for the Content Emerging Artist Award.
  • Sight and Sound 14.2
    Visual and Audio Creatives of the South Bay. This issue is our 58th edition and the first issue in our 10th year of publishing.
  • Discover 14.1
    In this 57th issue, the last of our ninth year, I am excited to have commissioned a featured artist to paint a portrait of another featured artist for the cover. We had Gabriel Coke draw SVCreates Laureates in the 2020 issue 12.3, which was great, but not for the cover. I thought that Cuong Nguyen’s portraiture style, which has a classical old-school feel, would be an excellent juxtaposition with budding 17-year-old musician Jack Pavlina—and a great way to showcase both of these artists. In addition to Cuong and Jack, we present Ryan Carrington, Krista Fay, Dox Black, and Derrick Sanderlin—each with unique styles worth exploring.
  • Profiles 13.4
    Featuring: Low Conspiracy | Warren Chang | San Jose Foos | Annmariz | Au La La Design | West valley Fashion | Kylee Dougherty | Barely Funktional | HeadHunter Crew | FlipSide Lovers | Google Downtown West | Needle to the Groove Album Picks
  • Perform 13.3
    Summer 2021 issue featuring artists, especially those who perform in one way or another.
  • Phase 7.4
    I keep waiting to arrive at some point in my life where I feel like I’ve “made it,” or where I can settle. But in reality there is nowhere to settle: life moves in one long movement through its various stages: high school to college, college to career, even onward to retirement.  When I was a kid and my sister or I would act up, she’d roll with the emotions and say, “It’s just a phase.” I guess it’s not that we “arrive” at something, we merely leave one phase and enter the next. I believe that this is the healthiest way to look at our journey of life—we are just passing through. 
  • Issue 11.0
    As we enter our ninth year, we embark with our traditional focus of discovering some new or unfamiliar aspect of our region: like the recently opened specialty ice company that is providing clear cubes for craft cocktails or the newly developed program from the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs which has commissioned four local artists as ambassadors to spark creativity and reach out to the community through some special art projects.
  • Sight and Sound 13.2
    Issue 13.2 “Sight and Sound - our annual issue specifically focused on the audio and visual arts of the South Bay. Issue featuring: Artist: Mesengr Video Production and Studio Rental: Stage One Creative Photographer: Allan Barnes Band: Chilindrina Artist: Sammy Koh, colorstory sammy Music Producer: Controller 7 Cultural Art Project: Hidden Histories Japantown Artist: House of Boys Design Artist: Laurel Picklum Musician: Malcom Musician and Label: Chris Emond of Orange Label Comedians: Ruben Escabedo and Bio, “Pick you Poison Comedy Show” SouthBay Designer: Artin Album Pick 13.2: Curated Music from Needle to the Groove
  • Discover 13.1
    As you read these stories, we hope you will find the themes in their discovery process that will refine your life journey as you marry contemplation with curiosity. We do desire to expose you to new artists, new works, and new experiences, not merely for entrainment but also for your enrichment. We want you to discover a way to connect, engage, and to support your journey and the journey of those presented. Here’s to the curious, to the adventurous, to the seeker—may you discover.
  • Tech
        SOLD OUT   For Content Magazine’s print launch, we start with what is most unique to San Jose–TECH. Our recent history is filled with stories of the journey from garages to gadgets. But technology is more than computers. It is about tools and craftsmanship. The root of the Greek word speaks of this: […]
  • Profiles 12.4
    Usually, our annual “Profiles” issue is 35-plus local creatives with shorter interviews. I adopted this style a few years ago because, even after publishing for over six years, there continued to be many people I wanted to feature but just didn’t have space for in our regular issue schedule. So, the “Profiles” issue was developed to allow more artists to be featured. However, this year is different. That is the understatement of the decade—2020 is a different year.  But I wanted to show the artwork that people were creating during the COVID-19 “shelter-in-place” order. Hence, instead of 45 people, we have 10 creatives and space for the new work they have created since March. With over 90 submissions, it was challenging to pick only 11. For multimedia, audio, and video work, we decided to plan a web/digital presentation for those artists, which will do more justice to their work than a print version would. And a few of the artists we have moved to feature in a future issue. Thank you to all the artists who submitted; it is an honor to present your work.
  • Perform 12.3
    “Perform” is our annual issue featuring people “performing,” either in a literal sense, such as a model, an actor, or musicians, or in a more figurative way, those recognized for what they have been doing in their craft and the community, such as the SVArts Award recipients. These creatives have demonstrated both a level of community engagement and a level of mastery in their field. Also, we highlight the work of students in San Jose State’s fashion photography 125 class, who managed to do creative work during the shelter-in-place order.
  • Sight and Sound 12.2
    As this issue goes to print, we are starting the second week of the COVID-19 “shelter-in-place” order. This is no doubt a historic moment; the impact of this disease will extend from the lives that are lost, to the livelihoods it will take. Though we may or may not contract the virus, we as an organization and the people we’ve featured over the last nine years are some of the hardest-hit populations. Small businesses, arts organizations, and independent artists will struggle to hang on over the next few months. Hence, our greatest mission: to support locals. To connect community. We hope you will not only be inspired by the people of this particular issue, but look back to the archives and find the creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs bringing vibrancy to the Silicon Valley. Let’s all join together; and then, we can all move forward. We pray you and yours are safe and well. Thank you, Daniel Garcia THE CULTIVATOR