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Software engineer-turned-small business owner Steven Huynh is the co-owner of Goodtime Natural Wine Bar in his hometown of San José. Steven’s love for natural, low-intervention wine began as a hobby he found through travel but later inspired him and his wife to open their own business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steven did not come from a wine or wine-making culture. Instead, he discovered natural wine when visiting a mom-and-pop natural wine bar in Portugal. He was not only impressed with the taste but also with the welcoming personalities and environment provided specifically by natural wine.

Steven’s vision for Goodtime Bar was to create a unique environment inspired by the welcoming personalities and ambiance of natural wine bars he had experienced. Recognizing the importance of food in creating that experience, he partnered with Chef Alex Whiteman to offer a menu of seasonal and thoughtfully curated dishes that perfectly complement the natural Wines.

Prior to Goodtime Bar, Steven spent over a decade working in Silicon Valley high tech., but during the pandemic, he got burnt out. He recalls the blurred lines between work and home caused by remote work as creating “one big blob of a working day.” That feeling catalyzed Goodtime, a name conceived by Stevens’s Wife and co-owner, Ann. The plan was to create a welcoming space for everyone, including parents with small children, to eat and enjoy a glass of wine.

Sous Chef Ronnie Keli’i Apolo and Chef Alex Whiteman

Born and raised in San Jose, Steven takes pride in creating a space in his hometown for the community to gather. He has expanded his vision for the community by organizing a weekly run club and hosting comedy and live music in his space. While owning a small business is more work than he could have imagined, the connection he has made with others around his love for natural wine has been more fulfilling than imagined.

In our conversation, we discuss Steven’s origin story, the life-changing effects of martial arts on his life, the lessons he learned one year into operating his own business, and his plans for Goodtime Bar’s first anniversary.

Don’t miss Goodtime Bar’s first-anniversary celebration on Saturday, April 27th.

This all-day event will feature DJs, delicious food, natural wine, and many good times.

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