Content Conversations 2021

Thank you for being willing to talk.

Here are a few notes.

1. Below are few preplanned questions, “General Questions.”

2. But I like spontaneity.

3. Please use your earbuds/headset for this call. This will make the audio quality much better. The earbuds/headset usage seems to help the microphone quality than hand-held.

4. Please plan on being in a space that is free from ambient noise. Not squeaky chair, floor, or desk objects/papers.

5. We will be recording on a platform called Zencastr (like a “ZOOM” meeting, but
without video). You will need to be on a desktop/laptop and not iPad or mobile. Also the interface does not work with Safari, you need to have Chrome or Firefox. (I will email the link.) 6. After the “call”/conversation, the website will still be uploading the data, so please do not close the browser or computer until we are notified that the upload is complete.


Please, prepare a simple intro: Explain who you are and “what you do.”
Example, I would say, “I am Daniel Garcia, and I am the Cultivator of Content Magazine, which I start because I love portrait photographers and people.”


What have you learned about yourself in the last year?
What has been the most challenging experience for you over the last year?
What is your personal “mission” or purpose in life, or this season?
How does that impact your personal and professional life?
What do you look forward to in the next few weeks/month/year? These are some general ideas. I am not looking for anything in particular. I’d love for you to promote what you are doing, and ways you have adapted in work of personal life with the Shelter in place. How-ever, I am really just looking forward to talking and learning about you and the way you are sharing yourself without community. Looking forward to talking.

See you (well, hear you) online soon.



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