Reyes Muertos Klothing was originally the brainchild of artist and lifelong San Jose resident Carlos Rodriguez, who wanted to create an artistic identify for himself. Drawing artistic inspiration from both music and streetwear, the clothing brand has now grown into a three-man-strong creative force. Rodriguez has enlisted the direct help of his Citadel Art Studios neighbors— tattooist Brandon Ronald and artist Steven Martinez— who bring their specialized skills together to spread the ideals of Reyes Muertos across the globe. The brand celebrates Meso-American identity and tradition with an emphasis on anti-oppression. In the grand scheme, the three artists see their work as encouraging like-minded artists and individuals to engage in an artistically and politically mindful lifestyle.

“In the last couple of years, we have brought together an army of people. Behind the name Reyes Muertos, which means dead kings, we have found an identity of support and love for art and culture. We are all independent artists, but together we have really grown into this movement focused on the evolution of the mind: learning to live your legacy while supporting each other. Each one teaches the other, where I wouldn’t be who I am without them and vice versa. So together, we are a support system that focuses on pushing boundaries, living healthy lifestyles, and helping each other in rough moments. And our message of love, art, and anti-oppression has ignited people around the world.” | instagram: rmklothing

Picture (L to R): Steven Martinez, Carlos Rodriguez, and Brandon Ronald.