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    Perform 14.3
    Perform Summer 2022
  • # 81 Marcus Lyon - A Human Atlas
    Photographer Marcus Lyon has been in the South Bay with his team, Camila Pastorelli, and Joe Briggs-Price, working on the next edition of the Human Atlas projects.
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    Fashion: Express Yourself
    Fashion style defines and groups people together to form a distinctive culture. Fashion style has the ability to drive social change, represent a community, and deepen the connection and attachment to the land and people residing there.
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  • Perform 14.3
    There are many aspects that I enjoy about doing Content Magazine—meeting new artists, working with talented creatives to produce the stories, and helping bring visibility and voice to the South Bay’s artists. This issue continues in that tradition (I think I can call our production a “tradition” after a decade!). In the last several years, Content and SVCreates have awarded grants to regional artists who have applied to a juried selection for the Content Emerging Artist Award.