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  • Magick Blues Band
    Cultivated from a love for classic rock and strengthened by music’s potent connectivity, Magick Blues Band’s debut is the realized vision of an idea conceived years back by its founding members.
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    A Different Drum - San Jose Taiko
    For ten years I have heard booming thunder during springtime in downtown San Jose. It wakes me up and makes the windows hum. The sound motivates me to slip on some sandals and hustle down to Japantown. That thunder means San Jose Taiko, every bit as powerful and exciting as the first day I heard them.
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  • Discover 14.1
    In this 57th issue, the last of our ninth year, I am excited to have commissioned a featured artist to paint a portrait of another featured artist for the cover. We had Gabriel Coke draw SVCreates Laureates in the 2020 issue 12.3, which was great, but not for the cover. I thought that Cuong Nguyen’s portraiture style, which has a classical old-school feel, would be an excellent juxtaposition with budding 17-year-old musician Jack Pavlina—and a great way to showcase both of these artists. In addition to Cuong and Jack, we present Ryan Carrington, Krista Fay, Dox Black, and Derrick Sanderlin—each with unique styles worth exploring.