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  • Avery Palmer
    Many artists focus on only one type of media for their entire career, but Avery Palmer isn’t like most artists. He has delved deeply into painting, drawing, and ceramic sculpting throughout different phases of his life. Inspired by surrealist painters such as Salvador Dali, his figurative art presents cryptic metaphorical scenarios exploring the complex nature of human existence
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    Jai Tanju
    If you run into Jai Tanju, he’s either somewhere in San Jose on his bike, camera in hand, or out on a skate or photography trip in some serene and strange landscape, or he could be in Seeing Things Gallery, which he owns and operates.
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    This diversity in our region makes me celebrate and enjoy living here. You may not be a fan of every genre, but the commitment and passion for each individual’s craft are inspirational and admirable.