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    Sight and Sound 13.2
    Sight and Sound
  • Ato Walker -Making Truth Funny
    If you want to visit a real-life Moe’s Tavern, visit the Caravan Lounge, San Jose’s grand dive bar. You won’t see Homer Simpson or Barney, but Jägermeister is on tap and on Wednesday nights you’ll meet Ato Walker, who hosts its weekly comedy show.
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    Stories for Solidarity
    Mikomi Yoshikawa-Baker, “Miko,” desperately wanted to protest the murder of George Floyd. But, given the police’s rampant use of tear gas and rubber bullets, she also wanted to keep herself and her young daughter away from the crowds. So she looked around the downtown neighborhoods, noticed all the boarded-up windows, and discovered the best way to join the movement—by calling in an army of creatives, buying up gallons of paint, and depicting powerful antiracist messages on the ubiquitous blank lumber.
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  • Sight and Sound 13.2
    ssue 13.2 “Sight and Sound - our annual issue specifically focused on the audio and visual arts of the South Bay. Issue featuring: Artist: Mesengr Video Production and Studio Rental: Stage One Creative Photographer: Allan Barnes Band: Chilindrina Artist: Sammy Koh, colorstory sammy Music Producer: Controller 7 Cultural Art Project: Hidden Histories Japantown Artist: House of Boys Design Artist: Laurel Picklum Musician: Malcom Musician and Label: Chris Emond of Orange Label Comedians: Ruben Escabedo and Bio, “Pick you Poison Comedy Show” SouthBay Designer: Artin Album Pick 13.2: Curated Music from Needle to the Groove