Warren Chang: social realism in california
5/22/2021 - 8/29/2021

Warren Chang portrays the human condition in his paintings, often
depicting the downtrodden and disenfranchised while at the same time
celebrating the human spirit. He is perhaps best known for interiors and
genre scenes depicting the fieldworkers of Monterey County in California,
where he grew up. Additional paintings in this exhibition will offer scenes
from life, landscapes, interiors and an engaging series of self-portraits.

Triton Museum of Art
1505 Warburton Ave
Santa Clara, California 95050

Free admission and parking.

Note: Reception: to be announced.

"Warren Chang's real and true depictions of the lives of California fieldworkers give his art an importance equaled by few, approaching the level of social awareness and relevance of past painters and photographers such as Maynard Dixon and Dorothea Lange, as well as writer John Steinbeck. The lives of immigrant and native fieldworkers is a still-pressing issue and worthy theme. Hauk Fine Arts has represented Chang's work since 2003, and we have seen the passion and concern his work – which has included numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, – stirs in others." _Steve Hauk,  March 13, 2021

Gallery owner and writer

Author of Steinbeck: The Untold Stories